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Bilingual cultural anthropologist offers:

  • Translations that say what the author meant to say
  • Editing of your manuscript (in German or English)

My subjects of expertise:

  • Foreign cultures and Germany
  • Young Adult
  • Fantasy
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My subjects of expertise

Foreign cultures

My fascination for distant countries and exotic cultures has led me to get a master’s degree in Cultural (BE: Social) Anthropology and African Studies. After finishing my studies, I worked for the Peace Corps in Cameroon (Africa) for a year and have since spent many years working with people from all around the globe.

This has equipped me with a high degree of cultural empathy and knowledge about life in other countries.


As a German-American who grew up in both countries, I have a good deal of “inside knowledge” about Germany. I am 100% bilingual and have attended schools and universities in both countries.


  • Young Adult
  • Fantasy


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  • Translation of your novel into German

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  • Editing and proofreading of German and English manuscripts
    • fiction
    • non-fiction

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  • Coaching for aspiring authors
  • Help with plot development

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On my blog, you will  find:

  • Information on the tricky points of the German language (in German)
  • Answers to questions about the English language
  • Information and help on creative writing

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