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Editing is essential to your writing. No matter how eloquently you write – you will still need an editor.

The reason for this is that you turn blind to your own mistakes after a while. It happens to everyone. And when it does, the only thing that can help is a second pair of eyes and a good nose for mistakes.

This is where the Editorat comes in: I will help you sniff out potential errors and small oversights. I’ll also revise the contents of your copy and check for coherence and proper style throughout. If necessary, I might also correct formal aspects such as formatting, page numbers and captions.

If you have written a novel, I will first read the entire manuscript and then talk to you about your story structure, character development, dialogs, etc. You are then given a chance to make changes before I take a second and closer look at your book. 

Before I begin my work, I will coordinate with you so that I can gear my corrections towards your ideas and needs. This ensures that, in the end, your text will be the best that it can possibly be.

Since I speak German and English as a native tongue, I offer editing in both languages (British and American English available).

I specialize in:

  • Foreign cultures and Germany
  • Young Adult
  • Fantasy

I will gladly also proofread other topics.

Illustration einer Ratte von hinten

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What is …?

Content editing

In content editing, I vet your manuscript with regard to:

  • the underlying theme of your story
  • story structure
  • inconsistencies in your plot
  • credibility of characters
  • adherence to the narrative perspective
  • realistic dialogs
  • show, don’t tell
  • etc.

You will recieve detailed feedback in written form and, if necessary, in a phone or video call. Next, the ball goes back to you: You will now have to decide whether you want to make minor or even major changes according to my suggestions. I will then move on to copy editing your revised manuscript.

Copy editing/stilistic editing

When your story and characters are up to par, I will move on to copy editing to bring your manuscript to a more professional level. My focus here is on:

  • dialog
  • POV
  • inconsistencies in descriptions of characters or locations
  • fine tuning of wording
  • word repetition
  • etc.

In addition, I will correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation whenever I notice any mistakes. Please note, though, that this will not be my main area of focus. This is the proofreader’s job.


Proofreading is the last step and should ideally be done by someone other than the editor.

Proofreading includes:

  • spelling check
  • check of punctuation
  • grammar check
  • check of formatting (such as line spacing, hyphenation or breaks)
  • check of spelling consistency

Please note: It is highly advisable to have your novel proofread after the editing is finished. Your editor will be focusing on the content and style of your manuscript, making them somewhat blind to spelling mistakes (no matter how experienced they are).